Puro Delta-8 Pre-rolls

The D8 Infused Joints (2pk) by Puro Cannagars offer a convenient and high-quality smoking experience. Each pack contains two pre-rolled joints, with each joint weighing one gram and being pre-rolled in a RAW cone. Unlike other pre-rolls on the market, Puro uses only top-quality buds, ensuring a high-quality smoke every time. The cannabinoid content in each joint includes 18.47% D8 (185mg) and 9.93% CBD (99mg), providing a balanced experience that can uplift or relax depending on your needs. Enjoy the premium quality and cannabinoid blend of the D8 Infused Joints by Puro Cannagars.

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D8 Infused Joints (2pk) by Puro Cannagars

Whether you need to be uplifted or could use some relaxation, this two pack of pre-rolls has you covered! Unlike many other pre-rolled joints on the market who use “B” grade buds or shake in their joints, PURO uses only top quality buds so you can expect a high quality smoke each and every time.

Cannabinoid content

18.47% D8 (185mg)

9.93% CBD (99mg)

Each pack contains (2) one gram joints pre-rolled in a RAW cone.


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