Puffco Proxy Glass Adapter

Our Puffco Proxy Glass Adapter allows you to use your Puffco tech with your water pipe.

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The Puffco Proxy is a great little modular vaporizer, but it can be uncomfortable to use with the included glass adapter, which forces you to hit it dry. Luckily, our Puffco Proxy adaptors can be used with your Puffco Proxy for use with any piece of glass that you already have.

All you have to do is cram your proxy core into our adaptors, which are all fit tested with the genuine Puffco Proxy to ensure a true fit. From there, just load up the chamber with your favorite material and allow it to come to temperature. The Proxy does all the work, allowing you to pull from your favorite water pipe directly through the adapter. No matter what your water pipe looks like, our adapters can help you use the Puffco tech with your glass.

Our Puffco Proxy glass adaptors are made with heavy-duty borosillicate glass. Each version is available in 14mm Male. If you have a top-loading slide, you can also use our straight version to give your piece a little more stability. Keep in mind that the Puffco Proxy can be pretty heavy, so an adaptor may not work comfortably with water pipes that don’t have a heavy base.


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