Pop Cones Pre-Rolled Cones

  • Size: King Size
  • Type: Unbleached Brown Cone
  • Total Length w/ Filter: 84mm
  • Filter Length: 26mm
  • Box Count: 24 Packs/Box, 6 Cones/Pack


Pop Cones pre-rolled flavored cones are the best on the market. All flavor are unbeatable, and the taste is all in the filter. With other brands, you mainly see the rolling paper being flavored; with Pop Cones, the flavor is in the filter.

To use, simply squeeze and pop the flavor bead before sparking your joint. Once popped, light up the joint and enjoy the smoke passing through the flavored filter. You’ll get a flavorful hit every time.



  • Banana Cream – Unbleached

    Strawberry Jam – Unbleached

    Super Sweet – Unbleached

    Tropical Mango – Unbleached

    Wild Grape – Unbleached

    Banana Cream – Ultra Thin

    Starwberry Jam – Ultra Thin

    Super Sweet – Ultra Thin

    Tropical Mango – Ultra Thin

    Wild Grape – Ultra Thin


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