Arizer Air Max

The Arizer Air MAX is the third generation of the Arizer Air family, with even more improvements. It has almost twice the horsepower of the original Air and comes with a 26650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides 135 minutes of use time. The device has a USB-C charging port for faster charging and is the first Arizer vaporizer with a 26650 battery. The Air MAX is versatile, allowing for customization of its usability settings and has an automatic screen inversion feature that makes it perfect for use with water filtration devices. The device comes with a water pipe adapter and is easy to operate with an OLED display and full temperature control.

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Arizer Air MAX – The new ambassador of the Air line

Arizer is known for producing quality dry herb vaporizers with a simple but efficient and user-friendly design. Both their portable and desktop devices offer great flavours and are extremely easy to use.

The first Arizer Air came after the Arizer Solo and has been designed to offer a simpler experience. The Air is smaller and more portable than the Solo, offers a faster heat up time and is even easier to operate with fewer options (5 temperature settings against 7 for the Arizer Solo).

With the Air II, Arizer pushed the Air line to new heights by adding an OLED display with full temperature control and improving the battery life and performance. The Air MAX is the third generation of the Arizer Air family, and is coming with even more improvements:

Max Power

Compared to the Original Air, the Arizer Air II has almost twice the horsepower, allowing you to use the device for approximately 90 minutes (against 50 minutes for the Air).

The Air Max battery performance has been improved even more, and you can now enjoy your vaporizer for 135 minutes before having to swap the battery or charge it. The device now includes a 26650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, compared to an 18650 previously. This extra size allows for a longer use, but also for a faster heat-up time.

The Air MAX is the first Arizer vaporizer with a 26650 battery and the difference is definitely worth mentioning. It is also the first device with a USB-C charging port, which makes charging twice as fast.


One of the most noticeable aspects of the Air MAX is its amazing versatility. You can customize a lot of its usability settings and create your own personal and tailored experience.

The newly introduced automatic screen inversion feature makes the Arizer Air MAX a perfect vape to combine with any water filtration device. Whether the vaporizer is upside-down or not, the settings are easily accessible and the display easy to read. The water pipe compatibility is a key feature of this device, and a water pipe adapter is therefore included in the box


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