Yo Dabba Dabba – Opal Cap Set

Designed for slurpers, the Opal Cap Set gives you everything you need to dab in style. Choose from four great colors and get a cap with a real opal cast in the handle, along with a matching terp pearl and pillar.

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Set your slurper up in style! Designed exclusively for slurpers, our Opal Cap Set features a beautifully designed plug cap that fits snugly onto terp slurper nails to draw all the airflow from the bottom of the slurper. It comes in four great colors, and each of them features an authentic opal stone cast into the handle for a touch of beauty.

But wait— there’s more!

This kit comes complete with a color-matched terp pearl and pillar to get those concentrates warm and swirling. Made from high quality quartz, they can stand the heat and look great while they’re doing it.


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