Hi-Drip Salt Nic

Hi-Drip nicotine salt ejuices offer a wide range of fruity flavors mixed with sweet candy flavors, such as Island Orange, Guava Lava, Dew Berry, and Peachy Mango. The Hi-Drip Salts line comes in two nicotine strengths, 20mg and 50mg, and a 50VG/50PG ratio for a balanced vaping experience. Hi-Drip Salts E-Liquids are part of a vast collection of e-juices available at Exotic KC, with options ranging from tobacco to dessert flavors.

  • Bottle Size – 30mL | 60 mL Unicorn Bottle
  • Available Nicotine – 20mg | 50mg
  • VG/PG Ratio – 50VG/50PG
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Are you a fan of delicious and fruity vape blends that can pack a punch? If so, you should look more closely at Hi Drip nicotine salt ejuices. This famous brand offers a wide range of flavors, providing you with plenty of mouth watering options to tantalize your taste buds. The Hi-Drip Salts line contains a carefully selected range of fruity e-liquids, with such ingredients as mango, peach, strawberry, nectarine, passion fruit, watermelon, lychee, orange, pineapple, guava, honeydew, and others. The rich notes of fruits are mixed perfectly with sweet candy flavors that leave you with the perfect combination of a sugary sweet and slightly sour taste. Which one of Hi-Drip Salts E-Liquids will you go for? Island Orange, Guava Lava, Dew Berry, Peachy Mango, or maybe Melon Patch? Or you can just try them all!

Taste the perfect Hi-Drip nicotine salt ejuice

It’s worth mentioning that Hi-Drip nicotine salt ejuices come in two options – with 20 or 50 mg of nicotine. It means you can match the strength of the product to your current preferences. And thanks to the 50-50 ratio of VG and PG, you get the best of both worlds – great flavor and impressive vapor. Hi-Drip Salts E-Liquids are just a part of our offer. At Exotic KC, you can find plenty of other options too. Our collection of e-juices is vast and varied, with something to suit every taste. Whether you prefer the classic taste of tobacco, the refreshing tang of fruits, the pure sweetness of desserts, or the fun and playful notes of candy, we have an e-liquid to satisfy your cravings. Our extensive range of high-quality vape juices offers plenty of options to choose from. So why don’t you browse through our selection and see for yourself?


  • Passionfruit Fruit Lemonade –  Passionfruit | Lemonade
  • Passionfruit Fruit Lemonade Iced –  Passionfruit | Lemonade | Menthol
  • White Peach Strawberry – White Peach | Strawberry
  • White Peach Strawberry Iced –White Peach | Strawberry | Menthol
  • Island Orange (Formerly Blood Orange Pineapple) – Orange | Pineapple | Taffy
  • Island Orange ICED (Formerly Blood Orange Pineapple Iced) – Orange | Pineapple | Taffy | Menthol
  • Dewberry (Honeydew Strawberry) – Honeydew Melon | Strawberry | Taffy
  • Dewberry Iced (Honeydew Strawberry Iced) – Honeydew Melon | Strawberry | Taffy | Menthol
  • Melon Patch (Water-Melons) – Watermelon | Taffy
  • Melon Patch Iced (Water-Melons Iced) – Watermelon | Taffy | Iced
  • Peachy Mango (Mango Peach) – Mango | Peach | Taffy
  • Peachy Mango Iced (Mango Peach Iced) – Mango | Peach | Taffy | Menthol
  • Nectarine Lychee – Nectarine | Lychee
  • Nectarine Lychee Iced – Nectarine | Lychee | Menthol
  • Guava Lava – Guava | Strawberry
  • Guava Lava Iced – Guava | Strawberry | Menthol


  • Bottle Size – 30mL | 60 mL Unicorn Bottle
  • Available Nicotine – 20mg | 50mg
  • VG/PG Ratio – 50VG/50PG


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