Encore Rotten Pineapple Dab Rig

The Encore Rotten Pineapple Dab Rig is a unique and fun smoking accessory that features a typical-looking dab rig with a very unique percolator – a rotten pineapple! This one-of-a-kind perc not only adds a touch of fun, but also provides excellent filtration for a smooth dabbing experience. The rig is designed with a durable thick base and a bent neck for ease of use. Whether you’re seeking a fun or functional smoking experience, the Encore Rotten Pineapple Dab Rig is an excellent choice for your wax-smoking needs.

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The Encore Rotten Pineapple Dab Rig is a typical-looking dab rig that features a very unique percolator: a rotten pineapple! This unique perc is both fun and functional, filtering out each draw for a smooth dabbing experience. The rig also has a durable thick base and a bent neck for ease of use. Whether you’re looking for fun or function, this rig is a fantastic choice for your wax-smoking needs!

Product Highlights

  • For Use with Dabs or Dry Herb
  • Encore Strawberry Preserve Dab Rig
  • Scientific Glass
  • Clear High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Sweet Strawberry Perc
  • Strong Flat Base
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Bent Neck with Maria
  • Colored Encore Logo and Label
  • Banger Included

Product Specs

Height 9.25 in / 23.5 cm
Base Diameter 4.25 in / 10.8 cm
Joint Gender Female
Joint Size 14mm
Joint Angle 90 Degrees
Joint Type Glass on Glass


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